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Tisja Damen – Angel or Siren?


Gorgeous label Tisja Damen from Amsterdam has caught my eye with their beautiful campaigns and poetic approach to story telling. I’m like a forest nymph in a magical land far far away, if only I could wear all their lacy things and frolic endlessly.

These beautiful pieces were purchased months ago from Babylikestopony and I have just worn them for the first time today. Funny story, I couldn’t find them this morning and searched my drawers frantically. I had come to the conclusion that someone had broken into my house and stolen just that set! Crazy people make up crazy stories and believe them, till I remembered I had quickly shoved it in an empty drawer months ago.. Ahem crisis averted. Can’t believe I made myself believe I was robbed :/


Here I am wearing the Ophelia full neckline bra in a size medium and it is the most supportive high neck bra I own. I was really surprised as the bra is made up of the finest combination of chantilly lace from France, leavers lace from Italy and is wire free.

Tisja-Damen-Ophelia-BraOphelia‘ full neck line bra with ‘Off Shoulder‘ accessory $430aud

The make of the bra is as beautiful on as it looks off, the lace is a combination of a very soft delicate lace with a sturdier type on the bottom half of the bra. Though it is supportive that doesn’t mean tough scratchy lace. Though there are many high neck bras on the market the unique neck line of this bra is what made me keel over, a lovely piece to show off and accentuate any outfit. The bra band is quite strong and of a really nice thick quality which I think adds to a lot of the support, both the band and straps are adjustable with gold sliders and has a front closure giving the cleavage a little boost. My only cons for the bra are the front neck closure, because ahh it takes so long to actually do up and if you have nails you can forget about it!

I also purchased the bra with the ‘Off Shoulder’ accessory which fall off quite easily so I have yet to wear them outside the house.


Tisja-Damen-Bra-AccessoryDetachable shoulder accessory hooks onto the lace

For me, the question is always highwaisted or not highwaisted? These ouvert knickers are so playful with the lace details on the back and the strappy details. I find the V cut of the panties a compliment to my body shape and though these are not the matching bottoms for the Ophelia bra it does feature some of the same leavers lace, which I thought still carried through quite nicely.


The lace on these briefs are very delicate and feature a unique large floral pattern, these are not just highwaisted ouvert knickers but they are high cut on the leg too, have an adjustable waist band and cross over straps at the front, which are a sexy little little detail and actually what sold me on these.

The garters however are a lovely edition and though will hold up your stockings they will tug at the waist causing the front straps to be pulled down. Bottoms were purchased in a size medium.

Tisja-Damen-Angel-or-Siren-BriefAngel or Siren‘ High Rise Ouvert Knickers with detachable garters $285aud



Tisja-Damen-Angel-or-Siren-Ouvert-BackAs per usual ending with a butt pic!

Overall Tisja Damen create beautiful lingerie and if you haven’t already tried them I definitely suggest adding them to you wish list! So glad I was able to try these on at Babylikestopony, as according to the sizing chart on the Tisja Damen website I have gone a size up and down to their suggested. If I ordered these online I would have ordered a size large in the bra due to most of my bras being a size 34D and the knickers in a size small as I am usually a size small.

I’m really hoping to organise a nicer set up for my blog this year and eventually take higher quality images on my camera instead of my phone. Until then stick around and share your thoughts with me.


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Ludique – A Dark Romance


It’s been two weeks since I’ve become a lady of leisure and it’s about time I wrote a new blog post! I feel refreshed but am yet to feel confident in my body again, nonetheless the path has been paved and I need to get things rolling. I got my butt out of the house today to go lingerie shopping, on the hunt for some black high waisted knickers that didn’t have a mesh backing. This was an unsuccessful mission, why is it that if high waisted and no mesh back meant everything was either microfibre or shapewear? It saddened me just like the time I tried to find a nude bra that could be worn under white.


Ludique has been a label I’ve wanted to try for a while now and the Diamond set is one that has repeatedly shown up in my feed and I swear each time I’m like..need! So I finally got a chance to try it on and though I don’t think it’s the greatest fit, I still think it’s so beautiful. Now it is the latest addition to my collection!

This set is made of beautiful black silk and what I love about it is that it’s fully adjustable (always a winner). I’m also a sucker for anything high waisted, which in my opinion always accentuates the waist and hips. The diamond range features beautiful black silk (also comes in a pink colour way) with gold hardware and geometric diamond cut outs, which are edgy and feminine at the same time. A look I always try to achieve.

Ludique-Lingerie-Black-Diamond Bra
Diamond bra €190

Diamond High Waist Knickers €160

One of my favourite details of the set is the shape of the bra cups, they sit on my breasts at just the right height, provide just the right amount of support and the shape is simply flattering. The little peek-a-boo slits are also a nice touch, the cups are lightly padded which makes its great for those chilly nights. If only it was a touch larger at the seams it would mould my lady lumps perfectly.


Let’s talk about the fit – The bra, though does fit me the fabric on the cups seem to pull a bit and gives it that pinching look. The bra band is fully adjustable which allows you to play around with the band but unfortunately didn’t help me in this situation. I’m a 34D usually and am wearing the bra in a size large, which is also recommended on the Ludique website, unfortunately this range only goes up to a D cup so I would probably suggest this set for smaller frames and best for up to a C cup. I will however mention how comfortable it is, I’ve been wearing it all day and forgot I was wearing it. Definitely a beautiful and functional piece.

Ludique-Lingerie-Black-Diamond Bra-1

Ludique-Lingerie-Black-Diamond Bra-Band


The high waisted knickers are a cheeky cut so it really shows off your buns, which I adore. They fit pretty snug around the hips and are only adjustable on the waist and the lower hips. I’m wearing these in a size medium and I find that as the fabric is full silk there is pretty much zero stretch, so the knickers do gape a little with movement. The feel of the fabric is very comfortable and feels very luxurious against your skin. I feel amazingly glam when wearing this set, and I love the dark and romantic vibes it sends my way.




Do you have this set in your collection? What are your thoughts?

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Kayleigh Peddie – Black and Gold is Never Old


It’s been a tough few weeks, this week especially. I received these pieces a little while ago and have only just found the motivation to put them on and feel good.

I’m currently working for a a non ethical fast fashion house where my boss constantly raves on about losing weight, all our models are real life barbie dolls and there is no diversity in size or ethnicity whatsoever. The environment has really taken a toll on me personally. But enough about that. This is a positive space.

Yesterday I took a much needed me day and channeled some creative energy, which should keep me recharged for the rest of the week.


I think every lingerie loving gal has tried one of Kayleigh Peddie‘s wonderful creations. Me? I’m always a little late to the game, I spend too much time ooh-ing and ahh-ing then getting distracted by something else! I’ve been wanting to try one of her designs for as long as I can remember, but places like the local AP store always got in the way. I’m glad they have now closed their doors.

So I got my chance and here are my findings. Order time was as stated on the website which was great, my goodies were handmade in Montréal and shipped after 3 weeks. All three items were ordered in a size small.


Evan Bra $76 CAD

All of those pretty gold rings are what lured me in. The mesh is soft comfortable and it fits me rather well.. well except for the bra. According to Kayleigh Peddie’s sizing chart I was a size small (my bust is 34″). I didn’t find that it fit well, you know when it cuts in on the cleavage, that’s never really a good look. So I’m pretty bummed about that.


Elena Garter $156 CAD

The suspender. This is the holy grail, I think I may have a love hate relationship with this one. It’s beautiful, look at it sitting there like some sort of cephalopod like creature! It’s my first six strap suspender and to be honest I had to channel my inner Regan MacNeil to get it on, maybe my stockings were just too thick? But I got there in the end and it was worth it. LOVE!


The thong. What can I say, can a thong be any comfier? Probably not. I don’t own any high cut panties because I don’t think they suit my body shape. I wasn’t limber like the girls I had usually seen this type of cut on so this is a first for me. I still don’t think high cut panties look as great on my figure as others but I love these anyway. The adjustable waist band is a bonus which means they won’t be digging in. I’ll be getting alot of wear out these. Til death do us part!


Elena Thong  $42 CAD


The brands designs are clean, simple and edgy all in one. I am totally lusting after all the pink and red in the SS17 collection. Will definitely order a size medium in the bra and report back to y’all.

I will close for now my lovelies.

Till the next set.

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Flxsh Dance


I’ve always looked at this set with the corner of my eye, loving it from a distance as I try to keep my wardrobe as minimal as possible, only adding items that are versatile and will get loads of wear.

But the time had come when I could turn away no more, it was now or never as this little number was soon to be gone forever!


What attracted me to Flash You and Me was not only are their designs fun and playful but because they are also a family owned business, and their pieces are handcrafted with love in Latvia.

After two weeks I was my own version of Alex from Flash Dance! Wearing this fine nude mesh with black velvet polka dots. It really was so nice and soft to wear.


Sizing fit perfectly for me. I referred to their sizing chart and for my measurements I ordered a small in all three items, no issues here.

Crop Top 29€

I can’t wait till the weather gets warmer so I can prance around in this set, no heater required. I might even bring my Flash Dance dreams to life and wear it to the studio!

Diamond Panties 19€

Garter Skirt 29€

I especially love the skirt because not only is it super freak’n cute the suspender clips are some of the easiest I’ve ever used. I have to say there have been mornings where I’ve thrown on a pair of jeans because I don’t have time to fiddle around with suspender clips but I think this may just be my saviour. The clips are metal with a slightly harder rubber which feels pretty sturdy compared to most suspender clips I’ve come across, and the suspender straps are removeable which turns this into the cutest micro mini you’ve ever seen!



Do you have this set? Or any other Flash pieces? Tell me your thoughts.

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Marabou Lingerie – My Angelic Dream


Ending what felt like the longest day at work and feeling totally beat by the time I got home, what kept me tuggin’ along was knowing there was a special little package waiting for me. Squeee >_< . I tore open the box and put on the high waisted knickers which fit me like a glove, I was super pleased at how perfectly they fit. The top though embarrassed to admit took me a few trys before I worked it out!

It was so simple front clip, back clip! Duh! It must of been that the white clips blended in so well they looked invisible to me, I didn’t even know they were there! So I keep telling myself.


I love the wrap around design of the bralette, the floatiness of the off the shoulder ruffle and its cute little front cut out. A sheer angelic dream but definitely with a sexy angel vibe.

The fabric is sheer but just the right amount and thick enough that it feels structured to hold everything in place. I wore this all day and it was just as comfortable as it looks.

I first saw this set on their Instagram and it was love at first sight. I had already been eyeing it in the black but when I saw the white I got all starry eyed. It wasn’t available on the website but Cate reached out and offered to make it for me (what a gem!). Before I knew it, it was in un-manicured little paws.


I’ve spent most of my Sunday lazing in my candle lit boudoir attempting to take lingerie pics and starting this blog which I have been procrastinating over for like ever, and what a great set to start off on my first white set custom made by the wonderful  Marabou lingerie.


I referred to the sizing chart available on their website and I found it true to size for the bottoms as I went by my measurements and ordered a size small my waist is 26″. I was a little in between sizes for the bralette, my bust is 35.5″ and ordered a size small according to their sizing chart and I think it fits me pretty well! Their sizes range from an XS-4XL (31″-47″ bust).

Marabou-Lingerie-White-Selena-Top-And-Rikki-Panties-2Selena top $90 USD and custom Rikki panties $45 USD (without cut outs). No extra charges for customising, a really good price point for the quality.

So glad that my first order with them went well!

I will close for now, till next time my lovelies.

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I have a blog! For pretty, dainty underthings.



First pic on my shitty Iphone wearing Radiance by Gossard

So here it is, something I’ve thought about doing for a little while now but have been putting off with excuses like I’ve got no time, I’ve no tripod for my camera, my Instagram images are poor quality and they won’t do my blog justice; because I want to show details blah blah blah and so the list goes on. Procrastinating.

I’ve decided to start these lingerie files purely to document my love for lingerie and to connect with anyone else on the planet that does. A lot of the time all I want to do is talk lingerie and shop lingerie and I find it so hard to see what lingerie actually looks like on company websites, small and not enough images being the main culprits, and sizing issues!! Even though I measure myself to a tee, when I receive something in the mail most of the time there is something slightly off and I end up saying hmm should have, could have sized down, sized up. And so.. instead of looking at lingerie on models that are all the same body type and height I turn to Instagram and lingerie blogs to find images of how things look on someone who may have a similar body type to mine or better yet all body types (I’m a visual person so this helps!).

Ready to embark on my lingerie blurbs and share my utmost honest (one of my most loved and hated qualities) reviews of the lingerie I have in my drawers.

I’m totally OK if you are probably thinking what is she on about, but I think it’s super important to have reviews that are 100% honest. I don’t know about you but when I spend my hard earned $$$ on something I’d like it to hold up its value and if what I’ve paid for is totally not worth it I’ll be sure to let you know.

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